Bong Cleaners

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It seems like a no-brainer, but there are lots of very good reasons to keep your bong sparkling clean. First of all, a clean bong is perfectly legal and can't be confiscated and secondly, bongs are beautiful pieces of glass art that should be maintained and taken care off.

A regularly cleaned bong will not only last longer, but your smoke will taste better and your lungs will thank you. No matter how much you spent on your bong, it's best to avoid using a brush to clean, as scrubbing with a brush leaves tiny scratches in the glass surface. Perhaps imperceptible at first, over time scratches collect particles of dirt, create a cloudy appearance, and weaken the strength of the glass.

Luckily Grasscity has what you need to get the job done! We carry ROOR's own Bong Cleaning Solution, which can be used to clean any glass bongs and accessories. Start by soaking the piece in hot water or filling the chamber and letting it sit for a moment to heat the glass and loosen debris. Once you've poured out the hot water, rinse the piece with the Bong Cleaning Solution, letting it soak if necessary. It won't take more than a few minutes to get your glass squeaky clean!

If you live in a hard-water area, where the high mineral content leaves a white film on your glassware, try ROOR's Anti-Lime Bong Cleaning Solution. It works just as described above and will also help break down the mineral content so you get the same clear, clean results. ROOR's cleaning solutions are biodegradable but as with all cleaners, must be kept away from pets and children. Don't swallow or inhale it, and avoid contact with skin and eyes.

If you smoke out of a hand pipe, stop using random skinny things that you found lying on your coffee table to clean it out — we have pipe cleaners too! They're not just for bending into funny little shapes and fake moustaches, they actually fit into the air hole and down through the bottom of the bowl to unclog buildup and get your pipe working again just like new! When your hand pipe is clean, that first toke will take you back to the first time you ever used it. Ahhh...

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