Stone Pipes

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Smokers who love stone pipes swear by their clean taste, luscious and powerful hits, durability and the natural feel of carved stone, with a smooth, polished surface that stays cool to the touch. Often made from marbled cast stone or soapstone because they are easier to carve than many other types of stone, a stone pipe is just as easy to clean as any other material. Using a combination of pipe cleaners, rubbing alcohol or whatever method you normally use to clean your glass pipes, you can keep your pipe's airway clear and clean for fresh, easy hits every time.

Many of the stone pipes for sale here at Grasscity are ideal for use as a one-hitter for herbs, tobacco or kief, while others have a nice big bowl for a longer session or for passing around. Most are flat enough to carry in your pocket, and some come with a sliding cap that can safely store your pre-packed bowl until you're ready for an on-the-go toke.

If you normally smoke out of a hand pipe and would like to try something a little different, our selection of stone pipes offer an affordable alternative to glass and wood pipes. Because stone is a natural material, the marbling and coloring on your pipe will always be unique!

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